2015 Hairstyles for Short Hair

In 2015, short hair rules. Whether bobs, pixies, or cropped, many of the silver screen’s hottest celebrities are rocking shorter hairstyles for the 2015 season.

2015 hairstyles for short hair

A plethora of colors graces these bobbed heads. Even blues and greens are showing up in both ombré and all-over color.

2015 hairstyles for short hair for work

Is it the ease of care or just a fresh new look that is driving this move toward shorter hair in 2015? In previous years, long hair was all the rage, the more the better. Ombré locks halfway blonde, halfway brown, cascading down your shoulders looked great, but as for low-maintenance, forget about it. To pull off such a look required plenty of time one could invest better at parties or on the beach.

2015 hairstyles for short hair for wedding

That is certainly the case for the spring and summer. In 2015 hairstyles for short hair have popped up all over, paired with more casual fashions that can take you from boardroom to beach in a few easy steps.

2015 prom hairstyles for short hair pinterest

2015 Hairstyles for Short Hair Embrace a Plethora of Looks

One of the hottest looks for short hair in 2015 is the pixie cut. Not your mother’s pert pixie, though. This pixie is spiked in spots, shaved in others, for a look that is edgy and textural. Pair it with 80s and 90 punk or grunge vintage to be the rebel without a cause in your town.

Bobs, too, take on a new edge in the collection of 2015 hairstyles for short hair. Not the smooth preppy bobs of the last generation, these wavy ‘dos have tendrils that spike out at crazy angles to give your hair texture. Highlights show off this updated bob at its best.

Their casual, easy-maintenance look is perfect for spring and summer, when the last thing you want to do is to spend oodles of time styling hair. Whether your hair is curly or straight or wavy in-between, bobs are one of the best choices for the coming spring and summer.

If you want a low-maintenance style that will get you through spring and summer, choose one of the 2015 hairstyles for short hair that are taking the fashion world by storm. Not only will you be sporting one of the most chic looks for 2015, but you will also find more time on your hands with these low-maintenance short hairstyles.

2015 Hairstyles for Short Hair Photo Gallery

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