2015 Medium Haircuts

Women who don’t want to chop off all their long locks for the latest trend can still look stylish this spring with these 2015 medium haircuts. They have all of the convenience and fashion-forward looks of the shorter styles that are sweeping the nation without sacrificing that sensual feeling of having the wind sweep through your hair when March’s breezes roll around.

2015 medium haircuts with bangs

Eye-framing Bangs, Femme Fatale Glamor Characterize 2015 Medium Haircuts

Long bangs give shoulder-length haircuts extra appeal, their fringe drawing attention to your eyes. Keep them trimmed regularly so you can see, yet allow them to be long enough to work their sensual magic.

2015 trendy medium length haircuts

Wavy-haired girls will want to rock a look that takes you back into the 40s and 50s with a modified pageboy featuring femme-fatale bangs that curve around your eyes for a dreamy look. Even Taylor Swift, a celeb known for her flowing, wavy mane, has traded in her high maintenance locks in 2015 for a medium haircut that gives her ease of care while sacrificing none of the glamor.

2015 medium haircuts for fine hair round face

The bob, generally considered a short haircut, gets a longer treatment as well in 2015 with an angled, textured cut that dips below the chin length to graze your shoulders in a casual, windswept version of the classic cut.

2015 medium length haircuts fine hair

Straight-haired women can allow their bobs to grow shoulder length, giving it a blunt chop all the way around. Yet it’s not the 80s preppy version of the cut. For 2015, it’s all about giving your hair a little tousling so even your straight locks look oh-so-touchable.

A classic layered look is never out of style, and has never looked fresher than it does in the collection of 2015 medium haircuts for this spring. With a casual part or with long, eye-fringing bangs, this medium-length version of the classic blends the best of 2015 trends with classic styling.

Medium-length hair is one of the best ways to update your long ‘do for the 2015 season. The collection of 2015 medium haircuts that have started to appear on the runways and red carpets will soon make its way into your town. Have your stylist create this look for you, and you’ll be leading the fashion pack.

2015 Medium Haircuts Photo Gallery

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