2015 Men’s Fashion

The runways in Paris were filled with oversize trench coats, bombardier jackets, and sport jackets, all which created just enough drape, just enough droop on the svelte, chiseled models to conjure up film noir heroes strutting out to solve one mystery after another.

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Fabrics for 2015’s men’s collections are oh-so textural. Earthy wool tweeds to take the chill off early spring mornings to draped feel-good cotton twills continue Paris’ designers’ romp in the past.

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Casual, Relaxed Design Takes to the Boardroom in 2015 Men’s Fashion Collections

A little larger, the easier to roll up one’s sleeves to make even a workday pinstripe feel like Casual Friday every day of the week. Pairing Wall Street suiting with T-shirts, Paris designers dare to mix pleasure with work with high style.

2015 menswear collections

Milan’s 2015 men’s fashion takes that marriage of work and pleasure one step further. From the top up, you see a harried executive, yet when your eye travels a bit further, you smile, for he’s sporting faded jeans under that serious exterior, demonstrating to the world that he takes his work seriously but not too seriously.

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In the Milan collections, you will also see that comfort penetrates down to the footwear. Candid shots taken out in the city’s streets depict models rushing, briefcase in hand, to catch the bus not in black tasseled dress shoes, but in rubber-soled casual moccasins, crafted out of buttery-soft natural leather in tans and browns.

Socks, too, get a little playful, even in business attire. Bright yellows mark the wearer as a creative thinker a mover and a shaker who is not afraid to shake things up in the business world. Or no socks at all. Many of the suits in the Milan collection shove their bare feet into their shoes as if they were going sailing after work in their Topsiders.

New York menswear collections for 2015 go a bit further in their bow to the casual. Many of their offerings seem to reach back to 90s grunge for inspiration, with their faded jeans dotted with more holes than fabric, their models’ loose, untrimmed hair flying around their faces as they parade down the runway wearing slouchy sweats over drawstring khakis.

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