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2015 Plus Size Fashion. There was once a shop in dowdy Canton, Ohio, whose name was as dowdy as its blue-collar surroundings on faded Tuscarawas Street. It was called “Catherine’s Stout Shoppe,” and those women who had to buy their clothes there whispered the name when they announced that they were planning to buy new clothes.

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That was a generation ago. The lithe saplings that passed for beauty then have been replaced by curvy celebs like Adele, Oprah, Kirstie Alley, Joan Hendricks, and Queen Latifah. Catherine’s, too, has replaced its dowdy image for one that celebrates curves. Now a publicly-traded firm, its designs clothe celebrities and other well-endowed women throughout the world.

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2015 Plus Size Fashion Flaunts the Curve

Designers, too, have embraced the curve. The days in which ample women were told to stay away from wild floral prints are over at least in the 2015 plus size fashion lineup. Right there in front-page splendor, plus-size models sport flowy florals and attention-getting geometrics. Bright, curve-hugging, and celebrating every extra inch, these designs would never dream of hiding their wearers’ curves in dark solids.

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Gone, too, are the days in which ample women hid under caftans. Figure-hugging stretch jersey fabric in bright primary colors sizzle on the 2015 runway. Draped hiplines, once a no-no, figure big in the 2015 plus size fashion showcased on leading plus-size fashion blog FashionGloss.Com.

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Retail giant Target, too, knows a good thing when it sees one. It has announced that it will unveil a new line of plus size fashions for 2015, called Ava and Viv. Embracing one of its strongest critic’s recommendations, Target’s new line will be moderately-priced, yet fashion forward well within the budget of curvy women of moderate means. That critic, fashion blogger Chastity Garner, has embraced the new collection, calling it a “chic, versatile line” which includes both trendy pieces and classics ranging from work clothes to swimwear to downtime apparel.

And Catherine’s on Tuscarawas Avenue? It’s still there. Yet it and the neighborhood has gotten a facelift, thanks to the expansion of its parent corporation and nearby Aultman Hospital, as well as neighboring big-name retailers. Its new storefront, now just called “Catherine’s,” welcomes a steady stream of customers who no longer have to whisper the name. In fact, like curvy celeb Adele, they are “turning [the] tables” on those who had to survive on salads to look fashionable.

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