2015 Spring Dresses

The collection of 2015 spring dresses starts with casual shirtdresses. Whether draped belted and open over a micro-miniskirt or a pair of shorts like a trench coat, or worn by itself in a reincarnation of the classic button-down blue Oxford cloth L.L. Bean dress, the shirtdress has a huge presence in the Spring 2015 collection.

2015 lace spring dresses

Another huge trend for Spring 2015 is the color yellow. Whether in a rain slicker worthy of a remake of “Singing in The Rain” or in a filmy, stone-studded evening gown, yellow is popping up all over the runway this spring. The color appears in various shades, from muted, buttery tones all the way to eye-popping brights. With so many variations, even those women who have never worn the color may finally be able to try yellow in the sunshiny dresses in the selections available this spring.

2015 spring dresses for juniors

Summer Classics Make an Early Debut in 2015 Spring Dresses

Nothing says “spring” like old-fashioned gingham. The cheery checks are coming out again this spring in updated versions that spring Dorothy and Toto out of Kansas and onto the runway. Dorothy, however, never expected that her treasured gingham would make an appearance in the boardroom but this spring, even the suits on Wall Street seem to be sporting the checkered fabric.

2015 spring dresses for teens

Not surprisingly, black and white makes its perennial appearance on spring runways in 2015. It has taken on new life, though, with startling combinations of stripes mated with triangles, droopy geometric-patterned cotton sweaters over clingy mid-length skirts.

2015 spring dresses for weddings

Though traditionalists will never get them out before Memorial Day, though, all-white dresses are making a big appearance in the collection of 2015 spring dresses. Those who are bold enough to pull them out of the closets early, though, will dazzle winter-weary eyes with their fresh, clean look.

Finally, following the trend in evening wear, 2015’s spring dresses are baring shoulders in flattering one-shoulder asymmetric designs. These instantly-slimming dresses appear all over the runway. If one were to only have the chance to buy one dress for Spring 2015, it would be one of these one-shouldered designs for their sheer elegance.

2015 Spring Dresses Photo Gallery

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