2015 Summer Clothes Trends

Change is in the wind in the 2015 summer clothes collections, if early indicators are on target. One of the trendsetters is the wide-legged pants we’re seeing on runways from New York to Milan. Get ready to switch to 70s throwbacks, from bell-bottoms paired with wide leather belts and distressed boots to wide-legged gauzy pants in wild prints.

2015 summer clothes collections


Bohemian In, Skinny Out in 2015 Summer Clothes Collections

Summertime is the perfect time to make the switch from tight skinny jeans to the wider 2015 summer pants. Who wouldn’t breathe a sigh of relief to have pants that actually allow the air to circulate on those steamy summer nights. Besides, what would go better with those platform shoes, anyway?

2015 plus size summer clothes

Gingham fabric, that summer favorite of yesteryear, is making a big comeback in 2015’s summer clothing collections. From traditional cotton dresses to business suits, this checkered cooler is one of the hottest trends for 2015 summer clothes.

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The 70s look doesn’t end with your jeans. Evening wear for summer parties includes Bohemian maxi dresses in Native American and African tribal prints, florals, and geometrics, all flowy and gauzy and belted with bows or wide leather belts.

2015 best summer clothes

With the vintage trend comes loads of white lace. Peeking out from under leather and denim jackets, lace is popping up all over for summer 2015. Turquoise necklaces, another summer 2015 accessory trend, paired with the leather and lace look, give a chunky pop of color to complete your Bohemian ensemble.

Gladiator sandals, laced all the way to the knee, are everywhere, accompanying summer’s fashion offerings with a look that stays boho but frees your feet from those leather boots and platforms that you’ll wear during the cooler spring months.

Makeup you’ll want to rock with these 70s throwbacks are those smoky eyes that can bring out the wide-eyed hippie in all of us along with lighter, more natural-looking lipsticks and glosses to complete the look.

Don’t forget your hair. When you shear your tresses, opt for a wavy, casual look with tendrils peeking out of loose chignons or a windswept mid-length layered look.

If you loved the fashions of the 1970s, the 2015 summer clothes collections will be your cup of tea. Buy early to get the best selection and your vintage Bohemian vibe will shine through all summer long.

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