2015 Vintage Wedding Dresses

For 2015 vintage wedding dresses have sprung up all over Etsy. This purveyor of vintage haute couture has entered the bridal market, and none too soon. The selections there range from rare 1930s tea-length dresses to the flowy Gunne Sax hippie wedding dresses of the early and mid 1970s.

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2015 Vintage Wedding Dresses, Hidden Away for Nearly a Century, Come Out of the Closet

One of their rarest offerings, a cutout cotton gown from the early 1900s, looks as if it were plucked from your great-grandma’s photo collection. Pristine and in near-mint condition, this gown could have stepped off the pages of the L.M. Montgomery turn of the century classic, Anne of Green Gables. Believe it or not, there are several such rare birds in Etsy’s collection. Their prices, compared to brand-new dresses, is remarkably affordable.

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The glamor of the 1930s comes alive in a satin and lace tea-length classic that looks as modern as today. Its lacy sleeves and timeless design cling to the bride’s figure, its sparse ornamentation focusing the attention on the bride herself.

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A floor-length gown that looks as if it stepped off the set of a 1940s-era movie is also available on the third-party retailer’s website. Its long train, its buttons covered in the same flowing satin as the dress itself, accents the wasp-waisted bride as well now as it did in earlier times.

The fabulous ‘50s can come back to life for a themed wedding, replete with platters spinning rockabilly tunes and muscle cars plucked from the era to whisk the couple away to their honeymoon. The perfect gown for this trip back in time a mid-calf length Etsy wedding dress with the era’s trademark spaghetti straps, flared lace-skirt with a floor-length tulle overskirt, and a ruffle that runs just around the bride’s knees to create the wedding version of a circle skirt.

From the pared-down look of the 1960s, Etsy offers wedding dresses that drop straight from the shoulders—lace, satin, or both. Their minimalist look makes a strikingly contemporary dress for brides of today or brides who want to channel their inner Betty Draper from yesteryear’s calendar.

Those brides who look back at the post-Woodstock years of the 1970s with their back-to-the-country casual look can find a plethora of Gunne Sax offerings from the era. The maker, whose name is a play on words for a rough burlap sack, created earthy, flowy gowns of cotton and linen, many featuring embroidered flowers and other nature-derived elements.

Finally, fans of the broad-shouldered, big-haired 1980s can rejoice if they are looking for a wedding just like Mom’s. There, in all their lacy, dropped-waist glory, are original wedding dresses from the era, yours for a song. If you want a vintage wedding and you’re on a budget, head for the 1980s. Pick them up soon, for when Hollywood creates a hit based in that era, these dresses will become as valuable as the ones from the 1960s and 1970s did when Mad Men hit the nation’s TV screens.

Brides of 2015 vintage wedding dresses have never been so available in such numbers. For fans of nostalgia, a vintage wedding gown can help you create an air of authenticity in your themed wedding.

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