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Clothing wholesale companies are watching some important trends showing up in the designs for 2015 fashions. Clothing retailers should take notice of the wholesalers’ weather eye to foretell trends so they will be prepared with plenty of selections to meet their own customers’ needs.

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2015 Wholesale Clothing Markets Note a Bohemian Flair in This Year’s Runway Picks

First of all, 2015 wholesale clothing companies have noticed a definite Bohemian vibe among many of the popular selections on the runways this year. Hats with wide brims to conjure up a Woodstock look, lace pants and dresses, flowy cottons and gauzes, and weathered-looking boots are all items that retailers should stock up on for 2015.

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Denim, of course, is a no-brainer. A classic that works especially well with the Bohemian look, denim jackets and jeans, skirts and dresses are a great bet for your customers’ 2015 retail purchases. Wholesale clothing companies advise buyers to grab plenty of denim for the coming months.

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Skinny jeans, as flattering as they are for slim figures, are being edged out by flares and wide-legged pants and jeans. Think 1970s, and you’ll be in good shape as you choose flared-leg bell bottom jeans and wide-legged striped summer pants to complete your customers’ spring and summer wardrobes.

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With them, 2015 wholesale clothing markets note, pair platform heels that keep the 1970s look going, albeit with a 21st Century twist the heels on these platforms are much narrower than the originals. Handbags sport bows and other trims, as do dresses. Huge bows to tie the eclectic boho look together, wholesalers advise, should be purchased in colors to complement retailers’ selection of dresses and jackets.

Other must-have accessory choices retailers should pick up are wide leather belts and turquoise necklaces to complete 2015’s trendy Bohemian look.

2015 wholesale clothing trade shows are a great opportunity for buyers to make their last-minute selections for their stores’ spring and summer collections. With trade shows popping up all over the U.S. during February, retailers whose buyers jump on these trends and purchase what people will be buying will be ahead of their competitors for 2015.

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