Spring Fashion 2015 a Blast from The Past With Animal Prints, Romantic Fabrics

Though you still may see snowdrifts piling up to your windowsill right now, spring is just around the corner with all of spring fashion 2015’s many trends. Yes, we know that retro 70s minis, flower-power prints, and chunky jewelry are coming down the pike but what else?

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Gingham, that’s what. Gingham is peeking out of chunky jackets, on dresses, blouses, and even pants this spring. The cool, classic, yet a little old-fashioned fabric fits in well with some of the retro prairie looks that are hitting the runways.

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Tiered skirts are making their return. Think your mom’s prom dress only more tiers. Filmy fabrics, layers, layers, layers bring out your inner romantic whether you want to go for the filmy ballerina look or the more vintage-inspired lace and ruffles.

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Another big look this spring is animal prints. Ask your mom. Her mom probably wore them during the late 70s and 80s but these aren’t your grandmother’s cheetah print blouson tops. These are growly, sexy prints that bring out your inner beast. Meow.

paris fashion week spring 2015

Big shoulders yeah those big shoulders from the late 70s and early 80s are making a comeback. But they’re a little more subdued this time in nautical jackets or tuxedos. No jewel-toned polyester. Sorry.

Bell bottoms and military khaki are also some of the looks spotted on spring fashion 2015’s runways. You probably should see if your mom has stored some of her jeans or if your dad saved his military-surplus shirt he wore to the war protests back in the day. Both are coming back in a big way. Of course, you could just go to the store. Or both.

Finally, platform shoes and gladiator sandals just aren’t going away. Both are some of the hottest fashion choices in the spring fashion lineup for 2015. Some shoe designers have combined the two looks with high-heeled platform gladiator sandals that lace up all the way to your knee or even beyond.

Both of these shoe designs will fit in seamlessly with the 70s retro look that is popping up everywhere in the spring fashion 2015 collections. To top it all off, find a chunky necklace with plenty of earthy bling to be the envy of your friends.

Spring Fashion 2015 a Blast from The Past With Animal Prints, Romantic Fabrics Photo Gallery

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