The Wedding Cake Knife Set

Cake is not complete without knife set. The knife is special knife to cut the cake. There are many kinds of cake knife, like cake knife for birthday, for wedding and for celebrate opening moment. The décor and kind also different was suitable with the moment. In the wedding use the wedding cake knife set.

Wedding cake cutting knife

The knife for wedding cake not only keeps the general form, but also the knife needs décor. The décor to show which the knife was special knife for wedding cake knife. How about the décor for knife? How form of the décor for knife? The décor is not difficult, you can make buy yourself or from the decoration or catering will prepared. The décor is not difficult, the décor is easy, that is you can make by yourself use lace. The part will be décor there is on the handle.

Wedding cake knife and server set engraved

The décor of handle knife create by ribbon, lace, flower pin, and the other. There are many kinds of wedding cake knifeset. They are like wooden cake set, heart knife, crystal knife, and the other. The price of wedding cake knife set about $20 until $60. You can buy the knife by yourself then you décor, or you ask for bakery shop to prepare it. The wedding cake knife set consists of two parts, the first is knife to cut the cake, and the second is server knife.

Wedding flutes and cake server set

The Wedding Cake Knife Set Photo Gallery

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